The Missing: Island of Lost Ships

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Escape from a mysterious island in The Missing: Island of Lost Ships! Your friend Robert was on the trail of an ancient artifact when he vanished at sea several days ago. You set out to search for him only to find yourself trapped on the mysterious Island of Lost Ships! Now you must save both Robert and yourself from the villainous Sea Dogs and their ruthless leader, the Admiral. Use your skills to uncover the secrets of the island and find your way home in this thrilling hidden-object adventure!

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Genre : Puzzle

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After setting out to search for your missing friend, you find yourself trapped on the mysterious Island of Lost Ships.

AFERON - BigFishGames
The Missing: Island of Lost Ships game play The Missing: Island of Lost Ships game play

As good as the first "The Missing"!!

I had loved the first, and now loved the second! A boat disappears in a strange light in the storm...and we have to help our missing friend Robert, who was in the boat. Very good, colorful and crisp graphics, excellent sound, really pleasant, great locations to explore, immersive atmosphere! Good amount of interactive HOS, some brand new mini games (like the octopus - it took me a while to make the relationship of colors!), but not too much challenging. It has a journal and a interactive map - you can jump to locations! Three modes of challenge. Although not very challenging, it is an excellent game, providing plenty of fun. I will definitely buy !

Fun and interesting game

What a nice game. My trial was over before I knew it. This game is a mix of adventure and HO. Not too hard but not too easy either. The characters that I encountered so far are very interesting. I really like this kind of Bermuda Triangle atmosphere. The music is subtle, the hidden objects are not too hard to find and the puzzles are a little bit different from other puzzles I saw in other games. The hint and the skip buttons fill up fast enough. I also love that Scottish accent from the characters. Finally, it is a pleasant game to play on a very snowy Saturday morning. I will go and buy the Collector's edition version of this game. Don't know how I let this one pass by me without even giving it a try... I know that there are morphing ghosts in there but I haven't found any yet (I usually have a hard time finding morphing objects in games!)

Enjoyable Game

My review is based on the Beta test and the free trial to see what, if anything had changed, so it will be based on the early portion of the game. However, I will definetly buy it to complete my adventure! An earlier reviewer lamented having missed the CE - I don't think there ever was one because I have been looking for this game ever since the Beta test. I don't feel a CE w/SG is needed because the near-term task is clear and there the Hint that provides more clarification. I loved the story line, and there are loveable, humorous characters in the game, especially the inventor Herbert, and then there are the Sea Dog villains. Also, beware of the Kraken!! No ghosts, gore, or other events that other reviewers have disliked in other games. Pretty much a good game for all. The puzzles are a good blend of challenging without the need to be skipped. HO scenes are reasonable - see screen shot. I loved the animated cut scenes, also. I've not seen anything that says I cannot mention the devs - Sulus Games - so we'll see if that stays in this review. The map that shows sites and areas of interest was NOT interactive when I reviewed the Beta game, but it was in the trial - thanks developers!

Best game in a long time

I have never written a review before, but I loved this game so I just had to add my two cents. It has great HOS that are plentiful. So if you don't like your games with a lot of HOS, you may not like this. But I love well crafted HOS more than the clever puzzles so this game was great for me. The puzzles were fairly easy. For me, this game was really great. Hope you enjoy it if you get it.


Always play casual, relaxed, etc. Review based on completed game. A bit of a warning here - more IHOS than puzzles. Did actually manage to solve a few without skipping. My favorite was the eyeballs. LOL Animation/Avatars/VOS - Excellent! The way a game should look. LIsten up, devs!!! IHOS - Repeated scenes, small to larger items, fairly clear, some very well concealed, some were lists and others were silhouettes. Misclick Penalty - Text appears stating avoid multiple clicks. Hint - Recharges quickly and acts as a guide. Map - Does transport but I used the hint button. Inventory - Items used quickly in other locations. Great deal of back tracking to same areas. Love stories about ships so this game was a winner for me. Although I did miss the ghosts and lost souls. :-D

Finally Released at Last

I beta tested this one in June and couldn't wait for it to come out so I could buy it. I liked it so much I bought the first game before this one. So glad it is finally released on BFG. Fun game, love the map, graphics and storyline. Good game to add to the collection of favorite HOPA's

A hot bowl of mushroom soup on a VERY cold winter's day....

This game kept me enchanted for the entire hour of the trial. I barely got through the restaurant area before my time was up. :( I will definately be purchasing the full version. : HOS that are interesting to look at and include interactive elements. I was able to find everything without hints and nothing was off-screen. : Intriguing Plot : Excellent balance of cut screens,puzzles,hidden object areas and tasks. : Calming music and sounds of the sea. : Comedic elements in the messages and dialog that gave me the giggles. Scuttling crabs and other cute distractions. : Brownie points for using skeletons,mushrooms and the Kraken. We be pirate fans. Aarrrrgh!! : Nothing in the first hour that would be labeled as "scary" or "gross" by my 7 year-old so she will be playing along as well.

For this time of year it a good game

Played the first hour, I got into the game quickly, it is interesting, if it catches me right away I will enjoy and have purchased this game. So far, no regrets, it is very interesting and the games are not easy but not overly difficult. Thumbs up Big Fish

Really Fun Game

The setting and characters in this game are excellent. This is one of the best games I've played from that standpoint. The artwork and music are very good, too. Good VO. Game play is well thought-out without a lot of strange use of objects as in some games. There is a map, that while not IA, it does show where action is needed. The HINT button also points in the direction for action. The HOS are mixed with some words and some silhouettes along with some IA. The puzzles are easy to difficult with a fairly fast charging SKIP. I found this game to be a joy to play and hated to see it end.

Ahoy Ye Land Lubbers

I thoroughly enjoyed this game !! I usually play with the music turned down but there were a couple of background songs that were soothing to listen to. I played in Normal mode and didn't have to use a hint. Puzzles were interesting. Loved the artwork and graphics. The computer generated stuff melded well with digital film of sea waves etc - gave the game a lost-in-the-Bermuda-Triangle feel to it. The "movie" sections were well done. Actually have to take items directly from the film characters. Hope others enjoy this game as much as I did. Later fellow Hoggers.

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