Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding

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  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.4 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 355

Review for game: Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding

Stop a vengeful werewolf in Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding! After being called to Paris to help your friend Veronica, you find yourself in the middle of a shocking mystery. The ancient werewolf Mephistus has appeared in town seeking revenge on Veronica and her fiancé just days before their wedding. Explore the gorgeous streets of Paris as you uncover the truth behind the ancient werewolf curse in this thrilling Hidden Object game!

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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

After being called to Paris, you find yourself in the middle of a shocking mystery involving an ancient werewolf hungry for revenge.

AFERON - BigFishGames
Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding game play Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding game play

Lovely romantic game

Help Veronica to get rid of the werewolf, the bad Mephistus, (something strange of her past?) that haunts her, so she can marry Mr. Smith! Paris - beautiful cutscenes, gorgeous graphics and scenarios, typical French sound (accordion), great VO, really interesting characters, very well done, as the bride and groom, the jeweler, the cute cat, etc. Delightful tour in an ancient parisian atmosphere, with a touch of terror!! Three levels of difficult, it has a journal (notes). Good amount of interactive HOS and mini games. Game is not really challenging, but very entertaining! Many many things to do, take, use, seek. A highly interactive game that does not let you "walking" without knowing what to do. Watch the cutscenes - are worthwhile!


Werewolf Mephistus is seeking revenge on Veronica and her family a few days before her wedding. You?re called in to save the day. Well developed and thought-out storyline and characters. Catches your attention from the beginning. The spooky cutscenes and haunting music send a chill up your spine. Good balance of detailed HOS and variety of puzzles with varying difficulty. Some backtracking. You?ll be seeking out people for an object, only to be told you needed to do an errand for them before they?ll give you the object. 3 modes of play: casual, advanced and hard. Gorgeously crisp and clear graphics. Very polished gameplay flows smoothly and easily ? usually what needs to be done is intuitive. A lot of fun to play.

Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding

This is my first review. I have only played part of the hour but this game is great. The scenes are light and you are able to see everything very well. The HOS are also well done and things are big enough to see. This is one of the few games I have tried where the scenes are not so dark and you do not need a magnifying glass to find anything. The voices are very good and the music is good too. I am buying the game even before I finish the hour.

Shadow wolf mysteries Cursed Wedding

I can tell you that this is a brilliant game good hos, good graphics, nice music, I have not yet purchased the game , but I did a beta survey on this game so played for approx 1hr, I was so disappointed when the survey ended, and am on my way to buying it, so enjoy it is very worthwhile .

Shadow Wolf Mysteries

Was a very exciting game and really enjoyed the effects and video of the game and very exciting and challenging.

Detective strikes again!

I love these shadow wolf mysteries. The picture quality is so beautiful, the voices clear, the hint button helps you to get where you need to go - love it all! And the story line - perhaps I am oldfashioned - but there is enough excitement and enough entertainment. Just beuatiful!

Everything you have come to expect with this series

This game will not let you down. Game play was fairly straight forward. There was some thinking involved. I don't pay too much attention to the stories but this one is a werewolf. The hint button helps and recharges pretty quick. The graphics are excellent. The puzzles were a bit different than the usual. It is nice to see some imagination being out into them. The HO scenes were easy. I am more of an adventure player and I did not mind the HO scenes. Highly recommend this game.

Good Game

Just finished playing the demo and I found it to be another good game by ERS, So far, the hidden objects are not too bad to find, graphics were good, music was a good but a little too loud. I think this is the first time I actually had to ever turn the music down in a game. I am a little thrown off by the wolf though when he was talking, I think that kind of disappointed me a little, I am still trying to figure if it was the voice of the wolf or if it was the thought of the wolf talking, I think I am leaning more towards the actual sound of the voice. I will be purchasing the game and recommending it , the game itself is very good and the storyline is also actually pretty good. It's one to add to the collection. Thanks for a good game.

A Hooowwwl of a good time!

Third in the series and this game does not dissapoint! great music, graphics, voiceovers, ect. I loved the other two games and i was so happy when I found this one!

Nicely Done!!

After buying the other two from Walmart in the Series, I bought this one from you! I was "hooked". Awesome graphics, puzzles, story, characters, and all alround great game and ending to a well written game. I enjoyed all three!! And I am still coming back for more! Way to Go, BIGFISH!:)

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