Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding Collector's Edition

  • Hours of bonus gameplay!
  • Stunning wallpapers, screensavers and art
  • Integrated strategy guide
  • Downloadable music tracks
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.4 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 499

Review for game: Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding Collector's Edition

Stop a vengeful werewolf in Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding! After being called to Paris to help your friend Veronica, you find yourself in the middle of a shocking mystery. The ancient werewolf Mephistus has appeared in town seeking revenge on Veronica and her fiancé just days before their wedding. Explore the gorgeous streets of Paris as you uncover the truth behind the ancient werewolf curse in this thrilling Hidden Object game! This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! The Collector’s Edition includes:

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Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding Collector's Edition Image Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding Collector's Edition
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Game Description:

After being called to Paris, you find yourself in the middle of a shocking mystery involving an ancient werewolf hungry for revenge.

AFERON - BigFishGames
Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding Collector's Edition game play Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding Collector's Edition game play

Blooming Marvellous!!!

Yes ERS does it again!!! Okay, seems this one is a little easier than the previous Shadow games but that doesn't spoil the great adventure of it all. I did notice the graphics look different, maybe lighter than usual but still ERS standard. Oh and the great fact that the exit screen doesn't pop up every time i go for an inventory item is a bonus!! Well done for listening!....the hint button fills quite quickly even on advanced mode and the HOPA scenes are crisp and clear. The only downside for me was the absence of a map because without it there is a lot of back and forth motion but then the hint will help if you get stuck on where to go next. Fantastic game BF, Thank you :-)

Werewolf is back !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Played 30 minutes, casual - 3 modes, casual, advanced, hard - Integrated SG, only shows 2 chapters in the sample - Note book - No map - Voice overs - H0, you interact - Good mini games - Hint, tells you there's nothing to do outside H0 - Skip button - Beautiful graphics - Music as you can expect in such games..... Little girl is now a beautiful maid, just about to get married when.... nasty werewolf is back !!!!!!!!! I have all the other Shadow Wolf, and this one is, of course !, a buy for me.

ERS Games have done it again! Fantastic sequel to the Shadow Wolf Mysteries!

This is a fabulous new installment in the Shadow Wolf Mysteries. Veronica goes to Paris to marry her fianc?, when she meets a are called in to help capture werewolf Mephistus. The game has fantastically detailed graphics with a lot going on in each scene, good voice overs, 3 play modes, fun HOG's and mini puzzles. The hint button recharges relatively slowly in advanced mode. Good strategy guide. As usual with this dev, the game beautifully spreads across a labyrinth of scenes/rooms/situations with an enormous amount of detailing, making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Brilliant game!

I enjoyed this game, it is a good mix of hidden object and puzzles. Difficult enough to be fun but not so hard it was frustrating. A great balance. Only bad thing - it ended too soon!


ERS has done it again. The visuals are great. The music fits the story. I have the first two Shadow Wolf Mysteries and this one is just as good if not better. As soon as I finished the trial version I jumped at it. You will not be disappointed.

Excellent, graphic, storyline and play

I have played an extreme amount of games and am very picky. I get easyily bored and disgusted HOWEVER, this game is awesome. Its fun, stunning,exciting with many places to go. The puzzles aren't extremely challenging but definetly worth doing. HOS great. Graphics great! Definetly worth the money...GET IT! lol

Loved the graphics!

I enjoyed this game. It is quite long and the graphics are really great. The quest is interesting. The items required to perform certain actions are a bit unusual and you will have to do some creative thinking. I always give a game high points for having HOG's objects that you can actually see. The wolf is a scary fellow but I would still recommend this game for younger gamers. The bonus game is a good length and adds to the storyline. I will play this one again.

shadow wolf mysteries cursed wedding collectors edition

fangs!!!!!!!!! ers you did it again what excellent devolopers you are !!!!!!!!! never fail to put a excellent game with such stunning out of this world graphics ............brought game immediately absoloute fantastic storyline ,,,,,,,,, thanks again keep up good work

Oh My Goodness!

I just finished this game and loved it! Not being as experienced as some of you folks, the challenges were just perfect for me. Since many of you have written such excellent reviews and gone into great detail, I willl reframe from doing so. Let's just say, I'm sitting here waiting for another one of the Wolf Mysteries to download. That kind of says it all. Oh, and thank you ever so much for your input. Sandra

The Continuing Story of Shadow Wolf Mysteries

Like "Rocky" and "The Godfather", it's impossible to continue a saga without making changes, otherwise it's pretty boring. The 3rd in the Shadow Wolf Mysteries series, our Detective is called to Paris because the little girl whose parents were werewolves has grown up and, sadly, it seems the "Curse" still follows her. Thank goodness, the Detective is available! At no time, does the player feel a sense of fear or foreboding because our Detective is that good in fighting werewolves. This is the 1st game I have played where the CE Bonus Play seems to be longer or as long as the Standard gameplay and I realized that the scenes change rapidly and we don't visit the same areas over and over again, therefore, gamers are writing the game is too short but this isn't true if one plays on Expert Level and takes their time to stop and enjoy the game which has awesome and beautifully written graphics and artwork. As a long-time BFG Member, I typically only purchase the CE editions of games that have the Bonus Play and simply wait until they go on sale--of which BFG has plenty of awesome sales! Enjoy! -Mama Mia-

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