Monument Builders: Statue of Liberty

  • Over 50 levels to conquer
  • Manage your workers and resources
  • Learn facts about the Statue of Liberty
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.4 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 158

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Discover the New York of yesteryear and take part in the building of the iconic Statue of Liberty in Monument Builders: Statue of Liberty. Produce the metal and wood required to keep the building site functioning, improve the roads to quickly transport materials to the job site and watch the statue evolve in real time as you progress through the game! You'll manage your workers, your productions, and your vehicles in order to meet key objectives. But be careful! You'll have to get rid of the crooks on the roads, secure your site against thieves and trade with local and foreign merchants to make sure you get your work done. Race to complete the Statue of Liberty on time in this historical time management game!

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Genre : Time Management

Manage time, customers, and money in games for the serious goal-setter.

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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Travel back in time and relive the building of the Statue of Liberty!

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Monument Builders: Statue of Liberty game play Monument Builders: Statue of Liberty game play

A Fun Strategy/Builder Game

The game play in this latest installment of the Monument Series is both fun and informational. It has all the aspects of a standard builder game, however once the timer runs out, you can continue to play and finish the level. You need to carefully plan your strategy in order to meet all of the goals. Even though it does require quite a bit of clicking, things are not spread out too far, so beginners to this type of game should be able to keep up with the tasks. For those of you who like a challenge, there is also this aspect because some of the levels require quite a bit of thought in order to reach gold status. I am really enjoying this game and recommend you at least give it a try!

a little bit different builder

I was excited to see this and was not disappointed. It is a little different from the classic builders but once you get used to it the series is great. great time management action and a puzzle factor.

Awesome Fun Challenge

This game is just as good as the other version, Monument Builders: Notre Dame De Paris. What a great challenge and such fun!! You will find yourself really involved in these Series of Building games!! It is unlike any other games out there that I've experienced!! I found it very addicting and lots of fun, especially when I complete a level!! I highly recommend you give this game a try!!

Great game, good challenges

Tried Statue of Liberty as a Demo and ended up buying the whole series of Monument Builders. Statue of Liberty has better graphics and gameplay has been greatly improved. I'm not a fan of time management games and although this is similar I would highly recommend it. Each level has resource and time limits to get gold, silver or wooden rewards, but if you fail you can keep working to sort out a faster way to redo the level. Some levels are very easy, others quite difficult requiring you to build and destroy on the same block several times to beat the clock. It took me several attempts to get gold on every level but it is possible so keep trying!

Great series - and a fantastic new addition

I played other games of this series over and over again, and wasn't disappointed with this one. Still very good - graphics and sounds are very good and the gameplay is different and unique. And to get all those historical informations is like having bonus material without collectors editions... thumbs up !!!

Great TM/Strategy game!!!!

About 15 minutes into the trial, I decided that this was a "must purchase" game!!!!! It combined Royal Envoy, Build-A-Lot and the Rescue Frenzy games!!!! Great facts about the Statue of Liberty!

Loved It! This TM Series keeps getting Better and Better!

I have loved all the Monument Builders games, but this one is the best by far! I love all the little fact tidbits that we get throughout the game. I always learn some new obscure historical fact while playing these games. The storyline is the same as the last two, we are in charge of arranging for building (the Statue of Liberty in this episode) I can't wait to see which Monument we will be building in the next episode of this series! If you love time management games, then this ones right up your alley! I definitely recommend this game!

Monument Builders

LOVE LOVE LOVE this TM game! Bought the 1st one Titanic an still play it to this day! Hope theres more games to come with this series! Totally recommend this game

monument builders finally perfected

They got it right with this 3rd one in the series - the right amount of building, clicking, clearing. I have played it through probably 20 times - rare for me to play a game through more than once. My engineer husband loves it too. I like the music too - keeps you moving.

That Demo Hour Went By So Fast :)

Loved the game. I had to actually think step by step ahead of time what to do first because it is a strategy game as well as time management. The demo hour flew by so quickly as it is an awesome game. It is worth the money to buy this game.

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