Island Tribe 2

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  • Fantastic action
  • Incredible island adventures!
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.2 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 170

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Help the tribe find a new home and discover the wonderful magic of the Altar of Wishes in Island Tribe 2! Having sailed for many days in search of a new home, the settlers come upon a lonely traveler who is lost at sea. Thankful to the settlers for his rescue, the explorer decides to share a secret with them and reveals an old map! Explore the new islands and find a new home for your tribe in this challenging Strategy game!

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Genre : Time Management

Manage time, customers, and money in games for the serious goal-setter.

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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Help the tribe find a new home and discover the wonderful magic of the Altar of Wishes in Island Tribe 2!

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I'm somewhat new to TM games. This is a great introduction. Lots of fun trying to determine what projects need more attention than others to achieve goals, but not stressful. Music is cute and I usually keep my speakers off, but not with this game. It is very fun and I encourage anyone thinking about trying TM games to give this one a try. One problem, though .. I'm getting to bed late and chores are not being done because I'm going to play "just one more round." Yeah, sure...

An improvement on a solid road building game

This is a "road building" time management game similar to My Kingdom for the Princess and Roads of Rome. You send villagers to gather resources, clear obstacles, and perform level objectives like lighting a totem or building a bridge. There are also numerous awards to obtain as you progress through the game. The graphics aren't as nice compared to the two games I mentioned above, although I really liked the non-interactive island animals like crabs and rabbits. Music is cute and bouncy. There's a nice variety of environments including beach, ice/snow, lava; it changed enough that I didn't get bored. There is a timer, but it's very generous. The worst I ever did was missing the expert time by 30 seconds or so and there was still tons of time remaining. You get a gold for completing the level in the expert time and silver if you go past that, so I would assume that if time expires you can still move on to the next level but you get a bronze medal (I never ran out of time so I can't confirm that). Challenge level is reasonable and I got expert about half the time on the first try, and only took 1 or 2 repeat tries to get the expert time if I missed it. If you've played the first game in this series, you'll find this one easier (as far as getting expert time). A new element added to the game is finding artifacts hidden in the level. Typically there are only 2 total, and 1 of them appears for only a limited (but reasonable) amount of time. There's no impact on finishing the level, the artifacts just get added to your collection. There's a pirate who pops up and you have to bribe with money you get from gems, otherwise he will sabotage you, e.g. by stealing resources or setting a building on fire. Overall, the game was very satisfying and addictive and I ended up playing the whole thing (including getting all the artifacts and gold on all the levels) in a couple of days. :)


I read the reviews before playing this game and they were pretty accurate. It is fun, and exciting. Time goes by so fast, I find Ive been playing for hours. Get it you will enjoy.

Fun time management game

One on my favourite games. have played several times. Never get bored with it.

Great Game

I enjoy this game and find it pleasant, good story and exciting.

Loved it!

Loved playing this game. I wish it had been longer than 30 levels. Maybe an Island Tribe 3,4,5?? in our future ?

My favorite TMs

Island Tribe 1 through 4 are available on iPad and I have to say, they're the most fun TM games I've played! I keep playing others to keep from beating these and always have to come back.

the best thing i have ever played

the storyling is like i am going around the wrold,

What a great time!

After doing the trial run on Island Tribe 1, I was hooked and immediately purchased all 4 in the series. While I thought the first in the series was quite short and relatively easy (beginners will love this game), I just finished spending all day and half the night playing IT2 and loved, loved, loved it! The storyline is simple enough, the graphics bright and the music not overbearing at all. The levels do get a bit harder as the game goes on but you have the ability to replay which is a great feature. There is so much to do! This game offers hours and hours of entertainment and fun. Glam-ma says at least give the trial a go because you will be hooked matey!

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