Island Defense

  • Multiple upgrades
  • Unlock achievements
  • Stop the Dark Fleet!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.2 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 293

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The Dark Fleet has set their sights on the seven Citadels in Island Defense. The Dark Fleet has launched an all-out attack against the seven Citadels and only you can defend them! Use the knowledge of the Ancients to construct towers to repel the Dark Fleet's forces. Protect the land and destroy the invading force in this exciting Strategy game!

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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Protect the seven Citadels from the Dark Fleet!

AFERON - BigFishGames
Island Defense game play Island Defense game play

This is a specific genre of game... know what you're getting before judging

A previous reviewer slammed this game as boring because he was hoping certain things would happen that didn't. For those who are like him, and don't know what the "Tower Defense" game mode is - here's a quick rundown. The game should be judged on its own merits inside its genre, and not downgraded due to false expectations. Tower Defense games, like this one, involve eliminating waves of moving enemies that run through the maze-like game environment before they reach the end of the maze and accomplish their goal. Often the goal is to attack a vulnerable hot-spot, eliminate defenseless characters in some inner sanctum, or even move off screen and "access" whatever it was you were supposed to deny them access to. You do this defending by purchasing and placing various powered "towers" along shorelines, hill tops, building tops, wherever the game has dictated you have to work with. All towers are auto-defense... meaning, they fire on their own without you controlling them. Some fire slowly and weakly, some fire slowly and powerfully... .some do the opposite and fire very rapidly but do minimal damage. Some often have higher or lower effectiveness against different enemy types with different vulnerabilities, so you have to mix up you towers appropriately. Once placed, a tower can often be upgraded later on as you acquire more funds, etc... The idea is to stay ahead of the enemies and forever maintain your towers to be able to stop their advances before they reach their goals. The enemies move at different speeds and have varying degrees of health and defenses. You have to manage your labyrinth of auto-towers so that there are no huge gaps in your pathways and that there's no combination of enemies that can make it through alive.... For example, if a particularly massive wave of hundreds of fast moving enemies is coming, and all you have are slow, heavy damage producing towers, sure those slow cannons will obliterate the targets they shoot at very easily, but the sheer

challenging tower defense game

I'm a big fan of tower defense games and I was ready for a new challenge. So far I've just played the hour demo but I have now purchased it. The real challenge comes from not knowing which route the enemy ships are going to take and to cover accordingly. The ships also fire back so you have to keep your towers in good condition - I liked this :) the game play seems just about right, sometimes the boats come singulary and slowly other times it's a true onslaught, seeing the whole game board in one view is a bonus. From the menu there looks to be an option to play slightly differently but I haven't checked that out yet, this seems a great game for those of us that like tower defense.

Not my usual type of game but I LOVED IT! Excellently done!

I thought this was a fantastic game. You have to defend your citadel from hordes of enemy ships that are trying to attack it. You do this by setting up towers (each one has a different strength) Then you build them up each level to continue to defeat the waves of enemy ships that continue to harass you. It is fast moving, fun and has a good story. Hope you enjoy it as much as I am!

Fun, Addicting Strategy Game!

This is an excellent strategy game. The premise is that your island castle is getting attacked by an onslaught of enemy ships, and you have to defend your castle by placing towers and enabling special abilities to shoot them down. Each map is different, and the enemy changes it up with every "attack wave", so you have to strategize your best means of defense with the arsenal you have at hand. This is challenging but a lot of fun and very addicting. It's a really long game, too. The negatives are that there is no real story line to speak of; the mini-games are dorky and not fun (and rarely present, so no big deal); as someone else mentioned, there are clouds in the sky that move around and sometimes obscure your view and there's no way to get rid of them. The most heinous offense to this game is honestly the obnoxious *CHIRP* that sounds every time you click on a tower. Its loud, its high pitched, and I don't know why on earth anyone would pick that sound. Other than that, great game and I highly recommend it for all strategy lovers.


This is such a cool game ! You have to defend the island and not let the enemy make it to the castle. You build towers to fight off the enemy and they come in on ships and cannons and it's up to you to stop them. The towers can be upgraded so they preform better plus some ships when you hit them leave behind treasure chest that contain money or other helpful objects like mines and protective shields for the towers, cliff walls, rapid fire. You are able to use the money from the treasure chest to purchase upgrades and other stuff. There is also mini games that are really cool as well. This is a great game and what starts out fairly easy quickly becomes very challenging because the ships come from all directions and if you don't place your tower's in just the right places you lose the day because they do come in fast with guns a blazing. There are watchers which pulsate in red so you know where the ships will enter so you can place your towers. The graphics are really nice the music is your typical epic battle music and this game is just tons of fun it never gets boring and the islands are big and the enemies are tough. I bought this game only a few minutes into the demo and have not stopped playing it I absolutely love this game it's just so cool with all the things you can do and the challenges you face you also get achievements and there is a choice of playing mode private, colonel, captain and general so you can choose how you want to play. I think this game is just awesome and would love to see more like this and I hope there will be a sequel to this one it's just way too cool. Give it a try it's definitely worth the demo. Thank you dev's and Big Fish for this awesome game. HOORAH !


This game is pretty unusual TD. I can not remember such genre of games with marine setting. Yes, game is bit boring at start but... all fun begins from level 4(snow level) when you discover new tower type and and several useful bonuses. Also different kind of magic brings lot of fun in game. Usually very difficult to kill boss-ship without it. Sometimes you can smash enemy ships only with mines and without towers. Also balloon will help to collect chests and concentrate on towers management. Also notice, when you create profile you can set once level of difficulty. If somebody is thinking that the game is simple let's try maximum one.

I Absolutely Love this Game!

This is the 2nd sequel to "Land Grabbers" which I absolutely loved! The Game is not as easy as it looks and takes some planning to Win. Beautiful Graphics and Music included. A great Game for everyone who likes Battles and fighting enemies! I hope they make a 3rd sequel with Planes!

good game

played the demo after reading the reviews, you need to go past the begining, its slow at first and seems really tedious waiting for the boats to be sunk, the levels get beter and better as you progress. All i can say is give it a go .

Solid Tower Defense

Yet another diamond in the rough from BFG! Several criticisms have been given to this game and although they are not entirely untrue, they do not seem to hinder the game for me the way they did for others. Yes, the pace of the gameplay can drag a bit at times, but this can be true of other tower defense games. Yes, the graphics are tiny and require precise clicks, but they're not nearly as bad as others have suggested. The difficulty of this game is completely customizable, so those who found it too difficult likely do not understand or enjoy tower defense games. All in all, the graphics, gameplay, and sound are fantastic, and this game was well worth the use of a game credit. I have beaten 3 of the 7 missions and I intend to finish the whole game. Highly recommended to strategy game enthusiasts.

Really Fun Tower Defence

I really liked Tower Defence and for the first time ever i've seen it in marine theme. The game is definitely worth it to while away a couple of evenings.

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