Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire

  • Discover over 60 unique buildings
  • Enjoy brilliant artwork
  • Unlock all of the achievements!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 305

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Help Emperor Omadan rebuild a prosperous empire in Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire! The wise Emperor Omadan once ruled over a great empire. The territory flourished, bringing joy to its people and arousing envy in Omadan's enemies. After many years of prosperity, the enemies of his great empire launched a relentless invasion. To avoid the destruction of his people, the Emperor made a difficult but wise decision. He fled along with all of the survivors to seek a land where his empire could begin anew. Help Emperor Omadan on his quest to reconstruct his lost empire in this gripping Match 3 game!

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Genre : Match 3

Match or swap items into groups of 3 or more in wild and colorful settings.

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Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire Image Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Help Emperor Omadan restore a prosperous empire in this gripping Match 3 game!

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Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire game play Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire game play




Don't judge a game by it's cover because quite frankly the picture and description doesn't do this game justice! A great match 3 game (the normal kind) with colorful graphics and exciting music. Plenty of bonuses like hammers and lightning and rewards for making large matches, combo's or several matches quickly. The goal is to match all tiles that are wooden, steel, ice blocks, or locked as well as completing the goals such as treasure chests or genies that must drop off the board. Cargo trains will also need to be released and once released will require a certain amount of matches to fill the train such as 5 grapes. After each game you will build your empire with your earnings with seaports, sawmills and mines. With so much to do and levels that quickly progress you will want to consider buying this game because one hour just isn't enough, enjoy!

At Last, A Great M3!

I did the beta on this game and have been waiting for it to be offered on BF and here it is! Lots of fun stuff going on with power-ups automatically on the board and others to be earned, building the town, bonuses and nice music to keep the head bobbing while the mouse hand is clicking. Both timed and untimed modes and a choice for the tutorial. Very colorful and easy to see the artistic game pieces. If you're tired of the boring M3 games offered on social media sites, this is the perfect antidote!

Best Match 3 Ever!

I rarely get around to writing reviews - once in a blue moon or so - (and it IS one tonight!) but had to stop playing long enough to say that this game rocks! Graphics are Aladdin steam punk with Ali Baba and a touch of pirate, a very colorful visual feast. Game play has a variety of challenges and sometimes the board you start out on is not the same as when you're finished - some of them 'morph' as you play - thank goodness for the casual mode! Love watching the various town (or empire!) components grow along the way as you build and upgrade with winnings, and there are trophies and achievements as well, some of them unexpectedly and cleverly 'tongue-in-cheek' so to speak! It looks to be about 100 levels or so, with 60ish buildings/upgrades to work on, and there is also a 'secret mission' mentioned - haven't gotten that far yet... altogether a really fun experience! Thanks Big Fish, my laundry totally got washed out today!

A must have

As soon as I opened this game I fell in love. Its a match 3 and fans of the genre will definitely want this one.The graphics are beautiful and it has different difficulty levels. The building part of the game is unique to these because the art work is so well done. The story line is also interesting. I highly recommend this one!

My New Fave Match 3

I have been looking for Match 3 for awhile now...I like to have some to keep permanently, as they are great to play over and over again. This is my favorite Match 3 now! Graphics are wonderful, The challenge increases fairly quickly in this game, which was a surprise! However, it doesn't get too challenging as to not like it. You can play in Relaxed or Timed Mode...Bonuses are earned via game play and also extra bonuses will appear if you make certain matches. I'm playing in the Relaxed mode, and it has been great so far. I bought this game only 15mins into the Demo mode, and it is definitely a good bargain. Enjoy the game!!

A great little way to pass time

I got the opportunity to play this game in preview. I loved it then and still love it. You can play casual or timed, with or without a tutorial. It is a typical match 3 with what looks like 100 levels. (I am basing this on 10 levels played and 10% showing on progress) The colors are bright and the goals of each level are clear. There are little "challenges" every once in a while but they play like the normal game. I played on casual mode as that is just my preference, but could see that if it was in timed mode, the challenge factor would be increasingly significant. The game reminds me of the "Cradle" games in that buildings are built with the proceeds earned in game play. If you liked those games, you will like this one as well. No voice overs, but bubble dialoge with the "advisor" and the "emperor". I was glad to see this game released so soon after the trial run on it and I will definitely add it to my growing collection!


i rarely write a review. however, this game is wonderful. it is challenging, frustrating, complex, and addicting. i know there are at least 150 levels so the bang for the buck is definitely there. the replay value is also high. hubby tried this game first and didn't like it after 15 minutes. he told me not to buy it. i convinced him to try it for a little longer and he is addicted to it. i can't find a negative word to say about this one except that it isn't out for ipad nor is there a sequel yet, lol.


That was my husband's remark about this game. After months of watching him play Farmscape day after day I was able to beta test this game and found one that he and I might both like. Now I think I've created a monster... hard to get MY turn to play!!

Fun Packed Game

Finally, a bright and fun match 3 !! The graphics are great, the story line is fun, and the "events" that pop up add to the fun. The different elements in the game make it a little different. Loads of fun!!

A Great Match 3!!

Really, really enjoyed/enjoying this game. I love the fact that it gives you the option of relaxed mode!. And building the empire was fun. There is a very basic & limited storyline but it didn't really matter to me because the gameplay itself is enough to keep me wanting to play. I have to say that the artistry and talent involved on the devs part is amazing. Lots of color and detail galore!. I also liked having "events" pop up every now and then to break things up a bit. Lots of trophies to work for and I tell you they are not all easy to achieve. For me anyway. Also liked that the game doesn't really end. You can still work towards getting your trophies even after the empire is built. The only thing I'm completely stumped on is how the heck do you unlock the "secret mission"? Still trying to figure that one out. All in all a definite buy for me and a game that continues to be fun and challenging indefinitely it seems. Happy gaming my fellow fishies :o)

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