Grim Tales: The Legacy

  • Explore a deserted estate
  • Avoid dangerous beasts
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  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU : 2.5 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 752

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After being invited to the Christening of your sister�s son, you arrive to find a deserted estate in Grim Tales: The Legacy! After getting married to the love of her life, it seems like a happy ending is right around the corner for your sister. However, all is not well. The sounds of ravenous beasts echo through the halls of the once great estate and your sister is missing! Use your Hidden Object talents to track down her family and save them in Grim Tales: The Legacy!

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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After being invited to the Christening of your sister�s son, you arrive to find a deserted estate! Save your sister before it�s too late!

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Awesome game

Great intro! Short, but enough to inspire to go ahead. The story is interesting and very well developed. The graphics are outstanding, crisp, and perfect in details ! All along the way you have things to collect, or interact. Often you do not know what or when will use them. Sometimes hint helps a lot, or is even necessary ! The HOS are well made, with good level of difficulty. I loved the mini games. Different, challenging and some are brand new. Some scenes are made to scare, as the wild wolf in the dark (although not always scare you) and others are very cute, like the wolf baby in the cradle. A game not to be missed !!!

Best Ever

I am not a fast player on hidden games, I love them, I have been playing these games for two yrs and I really think this one is the best, story line, color, how you find the secret rooms, I would review it a 5+ if not better. Keep this type of game coming!


Great game --- with items in the HOS's just hard enough to not be easy but easy enough not to have to use a hint. Same with the mini-games. It was exciting, it was fun and I bought it !!! ENJOY


This is a great game by Elephant Games!! I absolutely enjoyed playing this game and it was well worth the GCC I used. It's a really long game and last much longer than I expected. The map was a huge help and saves alot of back and forth. The HOS where very well done and the objects were not hard to see. I highly recommend this game!! Enjoy fishes :)

Great Game

I loved this game. I particularly liked the map and that you could hover over each room and see which puzzles/actions still needed to be completed, rather than having to remember where did I have to use that item, however I still needed to use the hint action occasionally to push me in the right direction! The HOS were good and a couple of times I needed the hint, which I don't normally have to do. I was really surprised that the game was so big, so many now seem to be over in a couple of hours. This is one I will play again.

Nice long game with lots of help

I liked the look and feel of the game and the storyline kept things interesting throughout and that's a good thing because it's a long game The HO scenes were mostly well lit and layed out. There were some new style minigames. My favorite aspect of the game were the map features. Not only could you move from place to place by clicking on it, you could also see where you were, other places you could go, and where you hadn't been yet. And, to top it off, when you hover over a location, you get a list of what needs to be done there. I've never seen a better map implementation. The hint system works in the the game as well as the HOS in Casual Mode and the hints recharge quickly. The Skip function is equally fast.

Very nice game

More or less in the same style as its predecessor "The Bride", The Lecacy takes us into another eerie world of ghosts and, this time, werewolves -at least that what the hero of the story comes to suspect. A wolf does appear several times in the cutscenes and the least that can be said is that he is not the friendly kind... The intro is brief but well done. So is every cutscenes. The voice-overs sound very natrual and truly professional. The in-game music, pleasant and atmospheric, is played at key times during the game without ever intruding. The Legacy is not overloaded with HO Scenes and although each is populated to the brim, none are a true mess and HOs are on the whole easy to spot. Besides you can click as much as you like without penalty, at least on the easiest of the 3 Modes of difficulty [there is a harcore mode for the boldest players]. The Hint System which recharges fast, is very helpful, both with the HO Scenes and with giving directions as to what to do next. The Useful Items are easy to find and use. Objectives are clearly set and tasks are no hassle to perform. Their nature, for most of them, is similar to what you find in other games: switch lights on, repair ladder, unscrew plate, etc... But a few are original. As further help, the map indicates the locations that are yet unexplored, those where there is still a task to accomplish [shown by a "!"; click on it to get a small window with a photo and the instructions] and the player's current location. You access the map via the compass at the bottom right. I didn't see any minigames as such, only 6 puzzles in Chapter 1; they are all easy and fairly classical; #2 is a slider with a twist, #3 and #5 are original, and I noted in #6 a picture taken from "The Bride". They are all fun to solve, can be skipped and reset [a plus]. I counted 17 locations [but there may be more]; their graphics are excellent, highly detailed, artistically crafted. Like in all g

What a great game to play

Everything about this game is fun. You can see by the reviews that you cannot go wrong with this one.


please note: i have not finished the game, (it is turning out to be quite long...enjoyably so)... but am about 3/4 of the way through. the graphics (excellent btw), sound and story line work together to pull the player into a fully immersive experience. the HO scenes are clear and to a degree, within context. the puzzles (there are quite a few) come with varying degrees of difficulty and uniqueness... and i found them more daunting as the game has progressed. i admit to using the 'skip' button on a couple and i was glad i had that option. lots and lots of hidden rooms to discover, potions to make and various items to assemble as well as different time periods to visit. the hint system provides useful info on where to go next, as does the built- in map if you need help and i found that i the game moves farther along, the locations and time periods become more complex (at least that is my perception) ... of course all beautifully depicted... did i mention the graphics are amazing? :) on casual, the hints recharge at a decent rate... the design of gameplay, the length and the immersive quality of this game all make buying the CE a worthwhile expense. i highly recommend this game for anyone who likes the well put together adventure/puzzle genre. this is one of the best games i have played in a long time and was so glad there was a version for mac. (thank you BFG)...


It is the first time that I review a game. The story is interesting, gameplay is great, there is a map, which I love, you can click all you want, the sound is wonderfull (I usually take the sound off, but not for this game), there is not a lot of hog, which I am very thankfull! The only thing negative thing is that the next games that I play will look boring after playing this game!

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