Escape Rosecliff Island

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  • Escape Rosecliff Island!
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  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 48

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An unexpected storm has left you shipwrecked on a mysterious and remote private island. Seek and find helpful objects as you solve puzzles and attempt to Escape Rosecliff Island! Discover Hidden Objects, and play clever minigames as you piece together your getaway. Investigate dark locations and unlock bonus levels as you explore Rosecliff Island. Can you find an escape and make it back to civilization safely?

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

An unexpected storm has left you shipwrecked on a remote private island. Find a way to Escape Rosecliff Island!

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Escape Rosecliff Island game play Escape Rosecliff Island game play

A Classic for Beginners

This was the first hidden object game I played and was hooked. I got so mad when the game was over because I thought there would be more to the story! The sound is great. I get bored with straight hidden object games these days and like the more complicated stories but never get bored with this one. Highly recommend it especially if you have never played a hidden object game before. There is something just kind of classic about this game for me.

all the escape games are great!!!!!

this one has 25 levels to get through so it is a long game. each level has from 4 to 8 sub-levels to complete. you can play on one of 2 levels of difficulty. the hint button recharges fast or you can go to options and get unlimited hints. (make sure to check the options) mini-games are word finds and the like so they are not hard. they are at the end of each level and you collect items to help you get off the island when you done with the game. i like all of these games!!!!!!! they are not hard and the graphics are great. then aren't really junky, but they are big with not too many items to find. when you are done and have collected the 50 locks ( in each different sub-level) then you will have seek and find games and at the end you will unlock match 3 games. wonderful game. relaxing and good to go back to from time to time. i have to finish when i's a "me" thing.

Escape series for purists

Very similar to Escape the Emerald Star and Escape Whisper Valley. But the modes of escape are all different for each game which does require the player to perform the tasks to make your escape at the end. For HOG purists, this game is for you with 24 or 25 levels and unlimited seek & find is unlocked following the escape.


This game really had no storyline at all, just lots and lots of HOS with some Match 3 and word search games thrown in. I played the timed mode, not the relaxed mode, but had no trouble running out of time, and I only had to use the hint button a few times. If you collect all 50 padlocks during the game, you unlock "unlimited" Match 3 and HO games at the end. They really aren't unlimited, as you do reach the end of the games and cannot play them over and over again. I really liked the unlimited HOS at the end, as you were able to visit every location of the game and find ALL the HO in the scenes, running between 60 and 80 or more items for each location. I think the game said it had over 2000 HO in the game. I'm not much of a Match 3 player, but these took a little thinking and strategy to do. So a straight HOG that was entertaining and relaxing, as you didn't have to try to figure out anything, just find those HO.

Island Escape

This, like the other Spin-Top games is an excellent HOG. Many HO scenes and extra's to find. A challenging ending to get off the island. Since I really enjoy the HO games, I really like these. A must buy for those interested in the hidden objects without all the run around, back and forth, with the newer games.

Love this game

Well made game with excellent story line, graphics, music. I was able to make it thru the brainy parrts that you have to do something with an item. I love this game that it will be a repeat game for me! I hope they make more of these as they are relaxing and fun!

Pretty good for a basic hidden object game

This was the first Big Fish Game I'd ever tried and after trying it I bought it. It may not be fast paced or flashy enough for kids but I liked it well enough. I'm an adult and yes, I like to play games when I'm bored. If you have an older computer this game seems to work just fine, as it's not the newest game around, as long as your PC meets the requirements. Anyway, it was pretty fun for an old guy to play, but even I got bored after a few weeks of seeing the same scenes. I liked it though.

Surprisingly Good

Good Parts: The way the game was set out was absolutely great. Play a few Hidden Object Scenes. beat them wihin the time limit, play a puzzle and aquire an "escape item". I really liked the Hidden Object Scenes. With other games, that sort of scene infruates me, but it seemed to sui tis particular game perfectly. I liked the challenge they presented. The game was very fun to play The graphics were clear and modern, with some great designs. Not much of a story to go by, but what they gave you was pretty good. The game is based on a points sysem. Finding an object gives you points, usinga hint takes points. This was great. The way the game put "locks" in to it was great. The hint recharges very, very fast! OK Parts: The puzzles. Some, like the match 3, I really enjoyed, (and I mean REALLY enjoyed) but others, such as the rotating pieces, just annoyed me. Would've been better had there been more of a story. Bad Parts: The wording of some of the objects. e.g. "Measures lengths", "Hits home runs" etc. I didn't understand why the game had to make things more complicated, and couldn't just say "Baseball bat" and "Ruler". That was the only bad thing I could say about this game. I wanted to play it over and over again. I really enjoyed it and it will bring great fun to anyone who buys it!

This one offers more for your money.

I moved away from buying straight hidden object games long ago for the adventure kind so this one has been with me for several years now but it still delivers! Along with the regular game, you also get unlimited seek and find and a match-3 game that unlocks when you find the 25 padlocks in the regular game. So it's like getting a collector's edition for the price of a standard one! There really is no storyline other than you're stranded and need to find a way to escape. You acquire pieces of a boat that you'll assemble later after finding all the hidden objects in a scene and doing a puzzle after that. There's not much to it but the hidden object scenes are locations in and around the mansion and they look quite nice and are not junkpiles. I honestly play more with the unlimited seek and find and match-3 games than I do the regular game because I find those much more fun, so there's always those things to fall back on if the regular game doesn't suit you.

Very Good HOG but to dark

Enjoyed playing the game but the HOG screens were just too dark for my tastes.

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